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Amazon.com Help: Release-Date Delivery

To receive pre-order items on the release date, select eligible items. Then, select Release-Date Delivery at checkout. Shipping charges for Release-Date Delivery

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I've had the Vita version of V3 pre-ordered from Amazon for a month now and they still don't have an expected delivery date. I would buy the game …


A pre-ordered item will ship either when it's released or just in advance of its release, and your card will typically not be charged until the item has ...


The past 3 games I've pre ordered from Amazon took about 5 days to deliver. The first time I thought that it was just a mistake but then the next ...


Personally, the wait always becomes exponentially harder when glowing reviews come out in the days leading up to release. Our own Rachel ...


any changes or halt shipping, and you will have to return the item once it arrives.


It seemed a little too good to be true the other night when Amazon successfully processed a bunch of PlayStation 5 preorders after other ...


You can do pre-orders if you have a Selling Professionally account and Amazon's permission. I think 30 days is the absolute outside limit ...


Amazon is warning customers who pre-ordered the PlayStation 5 their video game console might not arrive on the day of release.

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