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When Does Amazon Deliver Pre Ordered Games : Useful Links


The past 3 games I've pre ordered from Amazon took about 5 days to deliver. The first time I thought that it was just a mistake but then the next ...


You can easily pre-order items on Amazon, like video games, and order not-yet- released items in advance.


got breath of the wild pre-ordered with free shipping, are they going to ship this on release day or a couple days before hand so I get it the day ...


Anyway, I have Prime and want to preorder some games. So does Amazon deliver on release date day? If not, I'll just preorder them at GameStop. Thanks in  ...


So, I have three different responses from Amazon on why my order was  ...


They ship it the day before it's going to be released and overnight it to you so you get it on release day. I have pre ordered a few games on ...


Here's why some Final Fantasy 7 remake pre-orders are being pushed back

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