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Re: Print order receipts & packing slips using 4x6 thermal printer? by ValleyVariety. Etsy Seller. ‎12-29-2019 11:37 AM. EDC - Does USPS supply ...


In some browsers, the packing slip and order receipt PDF will open in a new tab.


It would personally save me $$ using thermal paper alone vs therma + ink + paper.


Why not just buy a monochrome laser printer so you can print packing slips and other business related copies?


We're asked about this pretty often, so we've created this Etsy Tip post so that you too can print your Etsy orders using half the paper and ink!


Has higher DPI (greater than 200) that might be suitable for order slips. Is a 4"x6" shipping


With Rollo, you can print on any direct thermal label of any size for any ... Please note with this printer you have to buy a $20 label holder stand in order to feed ...

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