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If this flag is true, a buyer may contact the seller for a customized order. Can only be set when the shop accepts custom orders and defaults to true in that case.


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On Etsy.com, click the Shop Manager icon. · Click Settings. · Click Options. · Click Enabled under Custom order requests. · Click Save at the bottom of the page.


If the buyer sent you a convo (they initiated it) , you should see the 'make this a custom order' button on the ...


For your current customer, just create a regular listing that says reserved for So- and-so. I like to use a generic Custom Order pic so it doesn't get attention from ...


Obtain payment upfront. · Charge a little more for custom items. · Tag customizable item listings as “custom,” “personalized,” or “made to order.” · Be specific about ...


Etsy removed the custom order link from sellers' listings, some sellers have reported. This is the second time Etsy has ...


As soon as I stopped accepting custom orders I was much happier – I had more time to spend ...


If you think the person requesting that custom order is likely to flake on buying the custom listing, don't do it – TRUST YOUR GUT. Some signs that ...

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