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Etsy Custom Order Button On Phone : Useful Links


I can't see it on your shop or a listing - I'm using a tablet, not a phone to look at your shop. How to Enable Custom Order Requests 1.) Go to Your ...


If a seller offers custom items, you'll see a Request Custom Order button on their shop ...


enabled - on the mobile version - under the buy now/ add to cart buttons.


Once you publish this listing, we'll send your buyer an email with a button to ...


It shows it on my items on my bole phone but not on the computer and my


Just have them open a browser on their phone instead of using the app. 4. share. Report Save


Etsy removed the custom order link from sellers' listings, some sellers have reported. This is the second time Etsy has ...


I've heard from customers trying to place custom orders that the buttons don't show up in the mobile Etsy app, making it impossible to place ...

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