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Jul 23, 2009 ... Thats why I verify all money orders and not with the number on the money order. You can verify these. I work as a fraud analyst, and I also work in our accounting
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Why does this scam work? The scammer's payment (typically a check or money order, but increasingly an electronic invoice sent via PayPal or another payment  ...


Every one is to the same tune, an offer to buy said product, but not through etsy using their own movers and payment with a money order or ...


I realized too late that a dropship order from my etsy store was never paid for as they had put " money order"as payment, (going from.


Generally when I get a large order on eBya for a lot of money from new account to address that is at question, it raises a red flag. What are your experiences with  ...


The money that the customer paid me was also still in her payment account - it was never given back to that customer and there's no option for us ...

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