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How To Compele A Custom Order On Etsy : Useful Links


On Etsy.com, click the Shop Manager icon. · Click Settings. · Click Options. · Click Enabled under Custom order requests. · Click Save at the bottom of the page.


I received a custom order for 4 digital prints. When I completed the work, I emailed the files to the customer. When trying to mark the order.


Click the timer icon on the right side of the order you're interested in. Then, click Mark complete. If you have no custom progress steps, you won't need to click ...


My customer was issued a full refund order is still showing as open instead of complete. My only option is to mark as shipped but it didn't ...


First of all, I suggest creating a detailed custom item listing with a set price.


Etsy's Pattern tool lets users create a custom website separate from their Etsy shop, ...


I just saw an an Etsy seller who has listed a size that does not exist (XXXSSS) as a size to bring the lowest price of their product down on their ...

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