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How to Respond to Unhappy Customers

that the scarf was (insert problem here); I'm glad to have the chance to make it right and I
apologize for what must be a frustrating situation!

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How to Report a Problem with an Order · Sign in to Etsy.com or open the Etsy app . · Click or tap You. · Click or tap Purchases and reviews. · Click Help with order next ...


If the buyer never comes back to purchase, I'm not charged a listing fee. Etsy doesn't charge the .20 until the item is purchased. This has happened more times  ...


Once you publish this listing, we'll send your buyer an email with a button to ...


If the customer orders the wrong size, it's their responsibility and they need to order the correct size the first or second time. If they make a mistake, for example  ...


The problem with this is (especially for custom orders), if you price low, your competitors are going to price low and that's a race to the bottom. it ...


I've been an etsy customer for awhile now, and all of my custom orders have gone smoothly until now. I messaged a store on 2/5 about a custom order I wanted ...

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