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Top Tips for Managing Custom Orders

Sep 17, 2012 ... Jaime DeLanghe is a Product Manager at Etsy, leading a team of engineers, designers, and other superheroes to make custom orders on Etsy ...

Placing Custom Order On Etsy : Useful Links


On Etsy.com, open a listing that you want to buy. · Choose the options you'd like for the order. · Under Add your personalization, the text box will tell you what the ...


You can use private, custom listings in your Etsy shop to allow your buyers to purchase made-to-order items. You'll be able to add this...


But customers are still having trouble placing custom orders. It could be that they ...


My customer wants to add more items to an order, there's no option to change the convos into a custom listing which seems odd, how do I change the.


placing custom order on etsy · creating a custom order etsy · help creating a custom order on etsy.


I've been just listing custom orders as regular listings... I wanna see how this custom order works is all. I hope someone could answer my question :-) Translate to ...


I like to use a generic Custom Order pic so it doesn't get attention from other buyers. 3. share. Report Save.


Make sure they know your return policy for custom orders...like will you accept a

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