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by Stitching with the Housewives (Charts will start shipping to shops on March 5,


Pre Order On Etsy How To Set Up : Useful Links


So I figured I'd put them up as pre orders only. I made my first two sales yesterday ,. (I have it written everywhere that it's a pre order and what days they will be ...


Is there a rule against having an “open order” for 6-8 week? Thanks in advance for any advice! Translate to English ...


In all my years selling on etsy, I have never set up a pre-order before, so to be fair , I am learning as I go along about pre-orders. I think because ...


and enable the customization feature when you are setting up the listing.


1. Decide how you want to take payment · Setup a brand new Stripe account and PayPal account for Wandering Aimfully · Purchase, install, and ...


I'll show you step by step how to set up a profitable Etsy shop from scratch. Click here to


I was wondering, if i would be able to set up listings for pre-orders? Obviously, make the listing VERY clear in the title, the description, the dispatch times, ...

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