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Order Still Processing for Sellers. Most orders process within 72 hours, although they may occasionally take longer. If you're seeing a notification or received an ...


Etsy sends both you and the buyer an email about pending/processing orders and again after they either complete processing and it is safe to ship or if they ...


Most orders are processed within 72 hours, although some orders may take longer. You and the seller will receive a separate confirmation email when the review ...


To do this, click the B to highlight the entire column. Under the home tab above, look all the way to the right and you should see "sort and filter" with a large A and Z ...


We currently have an Etsy order that has a payment stuck in processing for over 10 hours. The buyer is a reputable customer who needs the ...


I received 1st order the payment in processing.Etsy hold money.And next day my new stealth account closed but I think it not about paying.


A seller first reported the issue at 1:32 pm on the Etsy discussion boards. "The last 5 orders in our store have not had their payments processed.


Some sellers have been shipping orders anyway, especially those offering digital products, hoping that the payments will process eventually. Etsy ...

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