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How you package an order is almost as important as what you are packaging, so we are going to explore packaging—looking at the outer ...


How to offer gift wrapping services · Enter a price per order for your gift wrapping service. This fee will be applied to each order, not to individual items in the order.


6 simple ways to improve packaging for Etsy sales · Wrap or bag your products before placing them in a shipping container. When you take extra care to double  ...


To print a packing slip for your orders, check the box next to Packing slips. You may edit the information that is included on the packing slip by clicking Customize ...


1. First off, learn to print your shipping labels off using Etsy's shipping options at home. · 2. You also need a few packaging supplies. · 3. Your ...


Hi everyone, Can anyone explain to me why the last two orders in my shop were marked as gifts , but Etsy did not charge the customers for gift.


Wrap your Etsy items safely · Be sure to pack fragile items carefully. · Pack bendable booty — such as art prints and the like — with a firm, flat backing. · If, like the ...

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