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Preorder Delivery | GameStop

Pre-Order Shipping Request Form. Thank you for pre-ordering from GameStop! If you would like to have the game shipped to you, provide the requested ...

How Do Gamestop Pre Orders Work : Useful Links


Item Limits · Picking Up Your Pre-Order · To Cancel Your Reserved Pre-Order · Required at Time of Pickup · Payment · How It All Works ...


You'll go into store and put down at least $5 on the game. Then when it comes out your copy will be guaranteed at whichever gamestop you pre ordered it at.


Please note: GameStop does not ship to the United Kingdom.


You put down $5(+) towards the cost of the game, and GameStop holds the game for you up to 48 hours after release for you to finish paying off and/or pick up. · If ...


GameStop is working with Progressive Leasing to offer this rent-to-own service. Soon ...


For areas where GameStop stores are still open, you can pick up your pre- ordered games on launch day using the Delivery@Door service, which ...


You've got questions about pre-orders, and we've got answers.


In this article, we explain why it's bad to pre-order video games...

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