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What kind of vehicles does Tesla accept? ... vans and SUVs on trade-in towards the purchase of a new or used Tesla. Use

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His closing comment was that it takes about 3 days for the car to be at the delivery center. My question, why so long? It is a pre-owned car. Car ...


Plan on it taking at least a month, possibly as many as two. If you end up taking delivery in 2-3 weeks consider yourself lucky. If it takes a month or ...


Delivery Experience Specialist " had it all arranged for me to have someone drop the vehicle off at the local Tesla when I was taking delivery back ...


People do get refused finance but it's often quite a long way down the line,


Took delivery of my used Tesla from Tesla.com today. General. In short


The Tesla Used Vehicle Limited Warranty does not extend or otherwise alter the original warranty.


You want an impeccable vehicle, hence accepting to lose some money right after you take delivery of it. Most cars lose around 20 percent of the ...

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