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Dimerco Express Group holds a global view and foresees market trend from time to time, and has developed a global network to operate over 150 business locations in 17 countries in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe, along with more than 190 strategic partner agents in rest of the world. We provide comprehensive logistics services to our customers through a strategic alliance with air and ocean carriers, etc., based on our capability to integrate and streamline Supply Chain Management process to help customers enjoy feasible logistics solution to optimize their cost and to ensure timely delivery.

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How to track Dimerco Express Group shipment, order & package online status?
Just enter your Dimerco Express Group tracking number reference here
How to contact Dimerco Express Group customer services?
Visit Dimerco Express Group official website here
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What is an official website of Dimerco Express Group?
An official website is www.dimerco.com

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Dimerco is constantly growing with its customers and partners by providing time- defined international freight forwarding services as well as designing, ...


Dimerco Express Group takes a global perspective, which means we are quick to identify – and even predict - market trends, responding quickly and effectively ...


Dimerco Express Group is a significant and privileged player in the evolving world of international transportation and logistics industry. For near five decades, we ...


Effective 1st October 2019, Dimerco Express Group set up an Executive Management Board (EMB), in terms of organization restructure, managerial specialization, ...


8, Dimerco Office, Canada, Mississauga, Dimerco Express (Canada) Corp. ... Prodex Worldwide Express (Partnair & Sea Group-For Aerospace Cargo Only) ...


Dimerco Express Group was presented on the finalist of “Air Cargo Services”, “ Ocean Services”, “European Logistics” & “Project Forwarding” of Freight Service  ...


Dimerco Express Group is hence committed to leverage its web 3.0 based Dimerco Value Plus System® on Cloud Networking for more aggressive business ...

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