Enter tracking number reference of Swiss Post

ex. LS735828803CH

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Enter tracking number to track Swiss Post shipments and get delivery status online. Contact Swiss Post and get REST API docs.


What are the typical formats for a consignment number? · Parcels, Swiss-Express consignments - 99.00. 123456.12345678 · Swiss-Courier - 97.00. 00123456 · “ ...


Track all your Swiss Post packages - just enter your tracking number and get real -timee updates. Tracking and many more features! We cover 575+ carriers.


Track Swiss Post Register Airmail Packages Online get Origin/destinations tracking information in one place by Tracking Number ,


... it is: change your settings under “My consignments” and select the permanent " Deposit consignment" service. Consignment number / collection code. Search.


Swiss Post tracking number or also called consignment number can be found under different types of formats such as: Domestic Parcels: 99.00. 123456.12345678 ...


I am new to SOAP WSDL. From my understanding i did this now how to go further ? My code below its just basic client i need to: I need to track the ...

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