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If a sale can't be completed because of a payment issue, the item will go back up ...


My order is still processing. If you received an email from Etsy saying that your Etsy order is still processing, it means that your purchase is being screened by ...


How long is the delay in processing Etsy orders? This is a first for me. Anyone else having this problem? I can see that there are multiple issues with the site at this ...


Or is this an issue with etsy's payment processing system? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I also posted yesterday about a shop name request being rejected - could it  ...


Solved: All orders on 08 February 2018 are still processing. Anyone with the same problem?


A seller first reported the issue at 1:32 pm on the Etsy discussion boards. "The last 5 orders in our store have not had their payments processed.


I am having the SAME problem. I have 3 orders that's "payment processing".. one has been over a week now!!!! The customer wants a refund and I can't even do ...


I just had a order sit in PROCESSING for over 3 days. No clue as to why. Translate to English There was a problem fetching the translation.

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