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Final Transmission | Cave In

The opening title track is a voice memo of a song idea he sent to his ... Caleb plays bass on six of the album's remaining eight songs, and guitar on the other two.

Wave Transmission | MoTER

Metallurgical Fire I enjoy a lot of synthwave and especially darksynth these days, but it's rare that I completely love every song on an album. This release is ...

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"Transmission" is a song by English post-punk band Joy Division. Originally recorded in 1978 for the band's aborted self-titled album, it was later re-recorded the ...


Beverly Glenn-Copeland Announces New Album Transmissions, Shares New Song: Listen. The career-spanning album contains the singer, ...


Hidden tracks[edit]. Transmission contains two hidden pieces of music, both hidden in the pregap: An untitled piece consisting solely ...


and a quarter million overall, factoring in album sales, downloads, and streaming. Track listing[edit]. No. Title ...


The titular first track on the album serves as both a beautiful tribute and a


The Chrome Waves bandleader is ready for his second album of the year with that band. as well as Open Roads, the debut album from new ...

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