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If I create a new trackerless torrent, how do other clients (with the torrent file) know how to find the first seeder? I'm using transmission-cli on ...


Create a trackerless torrent ,show info on it: transmission-show debian.torrent Name: debian-10.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso File: debian.torrent ...


So, Transmission has rendered into useless piece of bytes since it is impossible to start download (no peers known - hence, no downloads).


I don't normally create anything in Transmission but if you're using the qt client it looks like you click File/New, set your Source file to whatever torrent data you'll ...


Because for some users, it really is beneficial. Also some sort of notification that you've port forwarded successfully would be a good idea for new ...


Since the creation of the distributed hash table (DHT) method for "trackerless" torrents,


transmission-show .torrent. In the case of a Trackerless Torrent, from what been able to gather, DHT & PEX used. Propagation.


... popular open-source BitTorrent client Transmission has updated to version 1.8, bringing with it support for magnet links, trackerless torrents, ...


This should help with speeding up decentralized torrents who are entirely trackerless. Secondary, Transmission should support creating torrents with nodes lists ...


DHT (trackerless torrents) is not a feature at the moment, however is slated for a ...

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