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Track Vehicle Transmission : Useful Links


Abstract: In spite of the great improvement in the mobility of pneumatic-tired vehicles, there are many types and conditions of terrain where the tracked vehicle is ...


A cross-drive steering transmission is a transmission which is used in tracked vehicles to allow precise and energy efficient steering. It consists of the following  ...


A tracked vehicle transmission provides reduced length between an engine output shaft and a transversely oriented main shaft which drives the vehicle tracks.


Since the speed difference of the two tracks is independent of the gearbox selection, this makes the steering effect less pronounced at higher speeds; ...


systems from the power path in both the propulsion and steering systems, our transmissions deliver the highest power to the tracks allowing the vehicle excellent.


Personal Track Vehicle Part 11. Changed the sprockets, installed a header. Much better performance. And hey, everyone, for greater interest, join a bunch of ...


A steering transmission must, in addition to steering the vehicle, be easy to use. Most fast track-layers are tanks: incredibly heavy, powerful, and expensive ...


RENK designs and manufactures transmissions for military 'tracked' vehicles. Each RENK transmission 'drives', 'steers' and 'brakes' the complete vehicle,.

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